Price Guide

This is a guide to our rates, most companies dont list pricing which makes potential customers wary. Here is an honest guide to costing for our most common services.

Please note this is only a guide and as part of the survey we will evaluate whether your property qualifies to our average pricing

No Hidden Costs

Once plaster has been hacked off the depth of render can be more than previously anticipated, our competitors would increase prices to compensate for additional materials and labour - We DO NOT, our price is our price! You will not be stung with hidden costs

Our pricing Guarantee

We guarantee to beat any quote - Our prices talk for themselves! For example our price for the complete treatment of one average sized room, with our competitors you could expect a price of around £2000 - Our price £800!

If you cant find what your looking for here, please Contact Us.


Injection of Drywise System for average 2-3 bed house - £300

(1 Room) Hack off existing plaster appox 1m high, Install Drywise system and re-render and plaster - £800

Plastering of one average sized room - £300

Woodworm Loft treatment (average sized) - £200

Whole House Woodworm/dryrot - £300